The ten per cent club began in 2003 when a group of bus industry professionals, who all believed in the positive role that bus travel should play in a future society, got together to create a forum for learning, discussion, and hear thought-provoking presentations to inform us of where that future might be heading or how we could help shape that future.

In a commercial world this would, of course, help the bottom line and create a firm-footed, financially sound industry. More than this, however, the members all have much more altruistic aims, believing that a civilised society functions better when it has a public transport system that people want to use because it is so good, rather than it being merely a back-up utility for when private transport fails.

Over the years we have enjoyed presentations from diverse organisations and research bodies, and thanks to the intimate nature of the forum this has provoked a fair amount of discussion which has often benefitted the group and allowed the speaker to go back with a better understanding of our industry and the hopes and aspirations of its more forward-thinking proponents.

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